Private apartment

Project and management of renovation works

Location: Turin, Via Sant’Anselmo, 1
Project: January – March 2011
Works: April – August 2011

The large apartment was very fragmented and almost everywhere lowered with plasterboard ceilings, and it was impossible to read living space in its entirety.

The main objective was therefore to generate much larger spaces, given the vast surfaces available, and to bring the rooms back to their original heights: in this way representative spaces, bedrooms and large bathrooms were designed. Here, large spaces allow you to enjoy the view of the precious materials chosen and the custom-made architectural elements, to reconstruct the richness of the original environments, on the noble floor of a historic building.

In particular, the very light colours of the walls, doors and ceilings create aesthetically successful contrasts with prestigious wooden floors, stones and antique furnishings.

The atmosphere, although austere in some ways, nevertheless reveals itself to be welcoming and proportionate, softened also by the presence of important original furnishing.