Chalet in the Gran Bosco Park

Project and management of restoration works

Location: Municipality of Oulx, Monfol hamlet, Strada Nazionale
Project: November 2009 – January 2010
Works: September 2010 – October 2011

The project involves the creation of two separated units, designed on an almost “natural” division of the existing building, to obtain two similar-sized dwellings.

The two apartments have rooms with rational and charming design, with right dimensions to comply with health regulations, distributed according to rational logics and spaces that are full of architectural charm and are carefully detailed.

The greatest effort was to respect the local architectural typology of the mountain chalets, both from the point of view of the “shape” and from the point of view of the materials used. For this purpose, architectural details have been created (thresholds, vaults, window sills, roof’s projection, balustrades, doors and windows) starting from an in-depth research of the local typologies, to align the constructive choices with the traditional consolidated building methods.