Ciriotti e Rigamonti Architetti

Lisa Rigamonti and Lorenza Ciriotti graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Lisa in October 1995. Lorenza in February 1999.

After a collaboration during some cultural initiatives and in 1999 they start carrying out their professional activity together.

The individual training processes have being turning into a challenging collaboration for a long time, with specific attention to the new components of the buildings and to the renewed trends of conceiving the living spaces.

The construction of buildings as a whole, the conception of spaces of everyday life, the creation of places for production, work and professional representation, or the installation of “sets” in commercial spaces, are our topics and reason for ever renewed design research.

After several professional courses in 2007 they founded CHE STUDIO!: the enthusiasm in carrying out the activity of architects guides the studio in facing each new project with energy and curiosity. The general aim of reconciling the interlocutor’s needs, each time different, with aesthetic and expressive tensions, is pursued through a laborious process of creation of ideas, of confrontation, of patient “observation” of the initial thoughts, trying and rethinking the solution that protects creative freedom but always responding to the proposed questions.

Facing up the complexity is not scary, it often represents a stimulus to deduce contents and principles leading to the simplification of the system and exalting its emotional and perceptive characteristics.