Villa in France

Project and renovation’s works management

Location: Saint – Laurent, France
Project: September – December 2011
Works: January – June 2012

The building subject to intervention was a villa with typical architectural features of the French Côte d’Azur, multi-faceted and with classic-style echoes.

The project concerned only the outdoor area of the villa: the swimming pool, the areas around it, the relax area and the study of the outdoor dining area and the outdoor kitchen.

The aim of the project was to deliberately break away from the aesthetics of the existing building, and propose clean lines and rationalist forms, openly inspired by the architecture of Le Corbusier who left such a great cultural heritage in that geographical area.

The prevalence of the white colour, the mosaics, the repetition of right angles, the presence of vegetation in architecture, together with the survey of the sights towards the surrounding natural vegetation, are all components that can be read in the realization of the project.