Podiciotto Sport Association

Project and supervision of works: functional and structural restoration of a former bowling club

Location: Turin, Corso Moncalieri, 18
Project: February 2018 – February 2019
Works: March – July 2019

Until the middle of the last century, the building, owned by the Municipality of Turin, had been a FIAT leisure centre, overlooking the banks of the Po River: its original playful sporting nature was then set in the bowling club of the following years and maintained predominantly in our work today.

Listening to the needs of the Landscape Commission, the project was approached with a conservative orientation, working on architectural choices, primarily structural, secondly linked to materials, colours and furnishings.

The operation, strongly desired by a group of dads in order to create a place where sporting passions were a physical and emotional encounter with their children, was supported entirely with private funds and wants to represent a place that basically has a social purpose.

The conviviality and the attention to the use of eco-friendly materials are the themes that have guided the project and the management of the centre every day: during the works the materials used, even if a bit expensive, were always environmental friendly; no plastic-based materials have been used and no plastic objects are used.

A very long table inside brings together for lunch and dinner the teams that previously challenged each other on the field, in a moment of sharing, which in essence wants to be the spirit of this place

Photos by Silvia Pastore