Ca’ Del Bosco

Project and restoration of a noble building in the historical centre

Location: Poirino, via Cesare Rossi, 11
Project: July – September 2001
Works: September 2001 – March 2002

Considered the value of the building, dating back to the late nineteenth century, and having experienced a state of advanced degradation, we decided to plan a radical conservative intervention aimed at enhancing the potential of the object and keeping its value intact.

The subject of the first part of the project is the garden area and the surrounding arcade together with the ground floor of the building where the frescoes on the ceilings are carefully restored; at the same time some essential service areas for the dwelling are created, such as the kitchen and the toilet.

The aim was to restore vitality to the building, assigning to it a new function, such as that of a location for weddings and events in general, to revitalize the structure with considerable artistic and documentary value.