Apartment in a chalet

Restoration of a holiday apartment in an antique mountain village

Location: Champlas Janvier, Sestriere
Project: July – October 2003
Works: November 2003 – April 2004

Rebuilding atmospheres.

The project rises from this desire, which is accompanied by the need to exploit the minimum space of room and bathroom and to freely develop the “voids” of the living room, characterized by the few furnishings and the oversized fireplace.

The vernacular materials are left in the “primitive” state: the wood of the floor, the surface of the fireplace in exposed concrete, the furnishings in wood of different essences, but still in its raw state; the chromatic research pursues the objective of linking the different types of wood, of exaggerating the sense of “colour” and of highlighting the contrast with the large volume of the fireplace.

The conviviality of the kitchen and dining room is manifested by leaving the spaces mutually open, in a cross-reference of looks and forms; the search for sensory contrasts, such as the kitchen work block made entirely of stainless steel, gives character to the project, thus summarizing the warmth of the earth and its colours with the hardness of technologically elaborated materials and objects.